YADE provides a wide range of basic and advanced file transfer features 

Basic Features

  • Send and receive, e.g. move and/or copy, files by FTP to/from a target host.
  • A wide range of protocols:
    • FTP, SFTP, FPTS, 
    • File System, UNC names, Samba (SMB)
  • ASCII and binary file transfer modes
  • Host to host file transfer without touch down, using different protocols, e.g. transfer from SFTP to FTP.
  • Execute commands by SSH on the source and/or the target host at the beginning or the end or during transmission.
  • Send files by FTP or SFTP to a jump host and forward them by FTP or SFTP to a target host.
    Different transfer protocols can be used between local host and jump_host and between jump_host and target host.
  • Receive files from a remote host by FTP or SFTP to a jump host and forward them by FTP or SFTP to the local host.
    Different protocols can be used for transfer between the hosts.
  • Password and public key authentication are supported for SFTP.
  • File transfer parameterization by command line parameters and/or by configuration files.
    There is a common syntax for parameters, no matter what transfer type is configured.
  • All parameters are specified on the client exclusively.
  • Logging and error handling are provided; errors are detected on a per file basis.
  • A test mode

Advanced Features

  • Selection of files which names are matched by a regular expression.
  • Polling (waiting) for files.
  • Checking the steady state of all files before starting transfer.
  • Recursive transfer of files in sub folders.
  • Atomic Transfer to avoid any partially transferred file being picked up by directory watchers.
  • Transactional Behavior.
  • Check transferred files for completeness.
  • Handling of empty files.
  • Renaming of files.
  • Use of alternative access data and credentials
  • Support for UNC paths in directory names.
  • Track record of file transfers.
  • Parallel file transfer (multi-threading).
  • Creating and checking hash values (e.g. MD5).
  • Compress (e.g. with ZLIB ) or zip files or groups of files.
    Uses the compression feature of the server, if present and possible.
  • Rename files without transfer.
  • Delete files without transfer.
  • Pre- and post-processing of file transfers


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