YADE profile for recursive directory transfer


YADE can transfer entire directory trees recursively to a target host. if any directory is specified by the file_spec parameter and the parameter recursive is set to true then YADE will transfer the subdirectories to the target host.

Example: copy directory and subdirectories recursively from localhost to target host using SFTP

;; This is comment
operation       = copy
file_spec       = ^daily_report$
recursive       = true
source_host     = localhost
source_protocol = local
source_dir      = ${local_dir}
target_host     = 8of9.sos
target_protocol = ftp
target_port     = 21
target_user     = kb
target_password = ****
ssh_auth_method = password
target_dir      = ${remote_dir}

To execute this profile on the command line type:

jade.sh -settings=name-of-your-configuration-file -profile=copy_directory_to_sftp_server