What is the smartest way to execute a command with YADE after a successful transfer?

The method we recommend depends on several factors:

  • With the SFTP protocol you can use the parameters
    • post_command for each file and 
    • post_transfer_commands at the end of the file transfer session. 
  • The source_ and target_ prefixes for the above parameters allow to specify different commands for the source and the target hosts.

  • Note that the SSH server has to be configured to allow YADE to open a shell.

Example for using pre and post commands programmatically

Example with Unix commands
 objOptions.Target().Post_Command.Value("echo 'File: $TargetFileName' >> t.1;cat $TargetFileName >> t.1;rm -f $TargetFileName");
 objOptions.Target().Pre_Command.Value("touch $TargetFileName");

Example for using  pre and post  commands by configuration

Example with Windows commands
 preTransferCommands=net use //8of9.sos/c;net use //r2d2.sos/share
  • With FTP you can set commands that can be executed by the FTP server, meaning that shell commands are not possible.
  • Another possibility would be to use a job chain with JobScheduler and the file transfer JITL job.