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Server-to-Server File Transfer without touchdown

File Transfer Schema

Configuration Example

A profile definition for Server-to-Server File Transfer, from SFTP to FTP:

In this example all files with the file name extension .txt should be transferred from the server wilma via SFTP to the server 8of9 by FTP. YADE will do the polling on the source server for specific files.

To start this with the command line client one must type:

To make the profile reusable and more readable it is possible to organize profiles by fragments like this:

The profile fragments for wilma as source and 8of9 as target are defined once. They could be used as many times as needed. There is a globals profile as well.

Now we will specify the profile using fragments:

The include parameter will include the named profile snippets in the order they are defined. The globals profile is included automatically, no need to specifiy it in an include parameter.
The profiles have to be defined in the same settings file.

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