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Advanced Features with a Jump Host

YADE can be used on a jump host to provide file transfer across secure Internet / Intranet interfaces.

Why use a Jump Host?

  • A jump host is located in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) and therefore it can access servers at customer sites via the Internet. Local servers quite often are excluded from Internet access for security concerns.
  • Jump hosts are used in order to store files temporarily and to forward them to the final destination Depending on the transfer direction, this can either be a local server or a server at a customer site.
  • A typical jump host architecture is shown in the following diagram:

    Click on image to enlarge.

Security Considerations

  • YADE does not store its configuration data on the jump host. Instead, the YADE Client hands over its parameterization to the jump host on-the-fly where it is used by an additional YADE Client instance.
  • Files stored temporarily on the jump host are removed on completion of the transfer.
  • No log output is created on the jump host and therefore private data is not stored on that host.

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