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Here you find an example for a WebDAV configuration in Apache that is used for YADE file transfers.


Example of WebDAV configuration

  • Make sure that the Apache user (e.g. wwwrun) has sufficient permissions for the above WebDAV directory /tmp/test/jade.
  • It is strongly recommended that you configure all Apache ErrorDocument to default in the WebDAV location or you remove all ErrorDocument in the httpd.conf.
    • If you send a file with YADE to an Apache WebDAV server then YADE checks wether the target file exists.
    • If the target file doesn't exist then the Apache WebDAV server response will include the ErrorDocument 404 in addition to the HTTP Status 404.
    • If the ErrorDocument 404 points e.g. to /error/HTTP_NOT_FOUND.html.var then the answer of the Apache takes much longer (~1 minute).

Example for WebDAV configuration behind a proxy

Change the <Directory> element of the above configuration so that exclusively the proxy has access to the WebDAV location:

Where is the IP address of the proxy server.