Key Features

YADE® has been developed to address the following enterprise file transfer requirements:

  • File transfer, e.g. with FTP, SFTP or FTPS, with reliable error detection and complex error handling
  • Advanced features for transactional transfer, renaming of files, pre- and post-processing etc.
  • Compliant logging, file transfer history and notifications

  • Integration with JobScheduler for automated file transfers in complex workflows

  • User interface for access to the file transfer history


YADE Architecture 

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Platforms and Operating Systems

YADE can run on all operating systems that support a Java Virtual Machine.

YADE is tested to work for the platforms that JobScheduler is operated for, see Which platforms is JobScheduler available for and what platform support is provided?


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Advanced File Transfer

YADE provides a wide range of basic and advanced file transfer features 

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YADE Client

The YADE Client is the main component in YADE. The client is not only responsible for file transfer and SSH command execution but can carry out customizable logging, send the transfer history to the YADE Background Service, enable an audit trail and provide error handling. The architecture of the YADE Client and its associated components is described in detail in the YADE Implementation Architecture. 

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YADE Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface allows YADE to be operated directly from the command line or from batch files.

  • The YADE Command Line Interface is used e.g. for integration with existing scripts and to replace direct calls to FTP and SFTP command line programs.
  • The YADE Command Line Interface allows to change the file transfer behavior, e.g. switch of protocol from FTP to SFTP, without the need to modify existing scripts. Such modifications can be applied to a YADE configuration file and would not affect existing file transfer scripts.

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The YADE API is used as a component for an individual application that requires file transfer capabilities.

  • The YADE API makes the functionality of YADE available to any application running in a Java Virtual Machine.
  • The YADE API provides access to classes and methods for individual handling of file transfer needs.

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Seamless integration of YADE within the SOS JobScheduler using the JobScheduler's YADE JITL Jobs (part of the JobScheduler Integrated Template Library) means that the full range of the JobScheduler's workload automation capabilities can be used to:

  • automatically start and control file transfers using JobScheduler features such as Job Chains and Schedules,
  • carry out advanced pre- and post-processing before and after a file transfer.

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YADE Background Service

The YADE Background Service provides its functionality by use of the SOS JobScheduler.

  • It includes operations to collect the transfer history and log files from a number of YADE Clients and to add this information to the transfer history database.

  • It includes the YADE Background Service History, a graphical interface to visualize the transfer history.


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YADE Background Service Automation

The YADE Background Service Automation is provided by a JobScheduler instance. This service can import the transfer history and log files from any number of YADE Clients into the transfer history database as well as sending notifications.

  • The YADE Background Service collects the transfer history from individual YADE Clients and is either invoked by the YADE Client after each file transfer or started by the automatically by the JobScheduler.
  • The YADE Background Service feeds the transfer history database with information on each file transfer including file names, source and target systems and execution results.

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YADE Background Service History

The YADE Background Service History Viewer is a web front-end for accessing the file transfer history from the file transfer database which is used by the file YADE Background Service.

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Virtual File System (VFS)

YADE uses a Virtual File System (VFS) as an interface to access and transfer files from source systems to target systems.

  • The VFS works as a layer that encapsulates details of individual file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP etc..
  • The VFS brings a major shift in perspective: file transfers are not effected from a local host to a remote host or vice versa, instead transfers are a effected as copy or move operations between any VFS source system and any target system.
  • The VFS allows to use any combination of source system and target system for file transfers.

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Credential Store

The YADE Credential Store allows the secure storage and retrieval of credentials for authentication, as well as connection and other parameters.

  • The YADE Credential Store uses the KeePass password safe to provide encrypted storage of parameters in a protected database.
  • Access to the Credential Store is available by public/private key and password authentication.
  • Configuration items for YADE File Transfer Profiles can be stored securely in the credential store - no need to specify passwords in clear text in YADE configuration files.

The store can be used when YADE is used stand-alone or within the JobScheduler via the Jobs JADEJob & JADE4DMZJob.


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File Transfer Profiles

All the settings required for file transfer, i.e. host name, username, protocol etc., can be grouped in a profile and stored in a YADE configuration file.


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Audit Trail

YADE writes audit information to standardized log files with a structured and configurable format. This allows detailed logging of all characteristics of a file transfer, e.g. renaming of files, transfer duration, resolution of host names for source systems and target systems. 

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Transfer History

YADE records the file transfer history for all transfers and, if required, stores this information in a central file transfer history in a database. The file transfer history provides detailed information about each file transfer such as point in time, duration, individual files, source & target of a transfer and execution result. The file transfer history can be read using JOC. 

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YADE provides notifications in the event of errors.

  • The YADE Client can be configured to send notifications by mail immediately subsequently to the transfer of files.



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Instructions for installing the YADE components and building them from source code if required.

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Jump Host

YADE can be used on a jump host to provide file transfer across secure Internet / Intranet interfaces.

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