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In this example we want to poll for an incoming file on the Server A, once file(s) matching a reguler expression are found on Server A then JobScheduler should transfer the file(s) from Server A to Server B.
After successful transfer of files to Server B then JobScheduler should execute a script for post-processing on Server B via SSH.


  • For such a file transfer and processing workflow JobScheduler has built-in JITL jobs, namely the YADE job and SSH job.
  • The YADE JITL Jobs be configured to transfer data from Server-to-Server without touchdown, more information about Server-to-Server transfer can be found here: Example for YADE Server-to-Server File Transfer.
  • YADE has a built-in polling feature that can be configured by using polling parameters, i.e.
    • poll_interval: frequency of polling in seconds and
    • poll_timeout: maximum duration in seconds for polling.
  • The job chain can be configured by an order to run at a predefined time, to repeat execution or to be started manually.

Job Chain: FileTransferAndProcessing.job_chain.xml

The job chain has two nodes:

  1. jade_s2s_file_transfer: for server to server data transfer and
  2. ssh_start_proccessing: starting the processing script using ssh
Step 1: Job jade_s2s_file_transfer
  • This job is a YADE JITL job that is configured to poll a source host (via FTP) for files matching file_spec=^TEST*\.log$ for every 30 seconds during a maximum of 600 seconds.
  • The matching file(s) will be copied to the target host (SFTP). More information about YADE JITL job configuration can be found here: JITL Jobs by topic.
Job jade_s2s_file_transfer  Expand source
Step 2: Job ssh_start_proccessing
  • This job is a JITL job that is configured to execute a command on a remote host using SSH. The SSH JITL job can be configured to connect using a public/private key pair or with user/password authentication.
  • More information about SSH JITL job configuration can be found here: SSH_JITL_JOB_PARAMETERS
Job ssh_start_proccessing  Expand source

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