You can use the following command parameters that are executed for each file before the transfer:

  • pre_command
  • source_pre_command
  • target_pre_command

You can use the following command parameters which are executed for each file after the transfer:

  • post_command
  • source_post_command
  • target_post_command

The command parameters with the prefix source_ are exclusively used for the source host, with the prefix target_ for the target host.
The command parameters without a prefix are executed on both source and target host.

If you use an FTP connection then the command parameters should include FTP commands.
For an SFTP connection the SSH channel is used. Make sure that it is allowed to use the SSH channel. Then the command parameter can include shell commands.

For SMB the command will be executed on the machine where the client is running.

  • "$TargetFileName" is a variable name (place holder) for the current target file.
  • "$SourceFileName" is the name of the file from the source which is currently transferred.


Example for SFTP on a Unix target host to decompress a gzip-compressed file after transfer
 target_post_command=gzip -d \$TargetFileName