In this example all files with the file name extension .txt should be transfered from the server where YADE is installed to the server wilma via SFTP. YADE will check the file to be transferred for completeness: YADE will check every 1 second for the next 30 seconds if the file size changes. Once the file size would not change between check intervals, then YADE will start the file transfer.

To start this with the command line client one must type: -settings=name_of_settings_file -profile=sftp_to_wilma_with_stedy_state_check

To make the profile more reusable and readable it is possible to reuse profiles like this:


 ssh_auth_method        = password
 source_user            = kb
 source_password        = *****
 source_ssh_auth_method = password
 source_host            = wilma.sos
 source_protocol        = sftp
 source_port            = 22

The profile for wilma_as_source is defined once. It could be used as many time as needed.

Now we will specify another profile:

 include                     = wilma_as_source
 operation                   = copy
 file_spec                   = ^.*\.txt$ 
 check_steady_state_of_files = true
 check_steady_count          = 30
 check_steady_state_interval = 1

The include parameter will include the named profile snippets. The globals profile is included automatically, no need to specifiy it for an include parameter.
The profiles must be defined in the same settings file.