The YADE Credential Store allows the secure storage and retrieval of credentials for authentication, as well as connection and other parameters.

  • The YADE Credential Store uses the KeePass password safe to provide encrypted storage of parameters in a protected database.
  • Access to the Credential Store is available by public/private key and password authentication.
  • Configuration items for YADE File Transfer Profiles can be stored securely in the credential store - no need to specify passwords in clear text in YADE configuration files.

The store can be used when YADE is used stand-alone or within the JobScheduler via the Jobs JADEJob & JADE4DMZJob.


The Credential Store provides the following features: 

  • Compliance:
    • All sensitive configuration information is encrypted.
    • Access to the Credential Store can be securely protected by password, key file or password and key file.
      "Password-free" authentication is possible.
    • Connection Authentication files such as public key files are used without being written to the file system.
  • Management
    • Configuration information can be centrally managed outside of a file transfer environment.
  • Deployment
    • The same file transfer configuration file can be used for development and production environments - only the Credential Store needs to be changed during deployment.
  • Scope
    • The Credential Store can be used for the following configuration information:
      • file transfer source, target, proxy and  jump host / DMZ,
      • pre- and post-processing operations.
    • The Credential Store can be used for file transfers carried out with both the YADE Client and the JobScheduler JADEJob and JADE4DMZJob JITL jobs.
  • Database Format and Applications
    • The Credential Store uses the standard .kdb or .kdbx open database formats. A number of commercial and open source tools are available for configuring these database formats on a range of operating systems. These tools include KeePass 1.x, KeePass 2.x and KeePassX.

The use and configuration of a Credential Store is described in detail in the Using Credential Store to securely store authentication, connection and other parameters article.


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