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The Command Line Interface allows YADE to be operated directly from the command line or from batch files.

  • The YADE Command Line Interface is used e.g. for integration with existing scripts and to replace direct calls to FTP and SFTP command line programs.
  • The YADE Command Line Interface allows to change the file transfer behavior, e.g. switch of protocol from FTP to SFTP, without the need to modify existing scripts. Such modifications can be applied to a YADE configuration file and would not affect existing file transfer scripts.

The YADE Command Line Client provides the full functionality of the product:

  • Use of the same functionality as other YADE Client interfaces.
  • Use of the same parameterization by YADE File Transfer Profiles as other YADE Client interfaces.

Starting the YADE Client from the command line

To start the YADE Client from the command line you would type: -settings=name_of_settings_file -profile=ftp_server_2_server
  • It is possible to use additional parameters directly from the command line.
  • Parameters specified in the command line will have precedence to parameters from a configuration file. -settings=name_of_settings_file -profile=ftp_server_2_server -source_user=xyz -source_password=abcdef -force_files=false

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