YADE records the file transfer history for all transfers and, if required, stores this information in a central file transfer history in a database. The file transfer history provides detailed information about each file transfer such as point in time, duration, individual files, source & target of a transfer and execution result. The file transfer history can be read using JOC. 

The transfer history shows detailed information

  • when a file transfer has been performed:
    • If multiple transfers for the same files have been executed, e.g. due to transfer errors, then such transfers are grouped for better visibility.
  • what files have been transferred:
    • If file groups have been transferred, e.g. by use of wildcard filters, then the transfer history shows each file name.
    • If files have been renamed between source system and target system then the transfer history the original file name and the resulting file name.
  • where files have been transferred from and to:
    • The source system and target system of a transfer is resolved to show host names and IP addresses.
    • Should jump hosts have been used then the same applies information is provided for servers in the DMZ. 
  • about the execution result:
    • If a file transfer was successful for all files or for some files out of a group of files.

The transfer history is created by the YADE Client JITL Job

  • The JOC History Viewer is used to present the transfer history:
    • It allows easy access to the transfer history by search functions and filters.
    • It displays all details of the transfer history.
    • It can be used for ongoing monitoring of the transfer history as transfer information is constantly being added.