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The YADE Background Service has been removed with Release 1.12

The YADE Background Service provides its functionality by use of the SOS JobScheduler.

  • It includes operations to collect the transfer history and log files from a number of YADE Clients and to add this information to the transfer history database.

  • It includes the YADE Background Service History, a graphical interface to visualize the transfer history.


The YADE Background Service is made up of the following components:

YADE Background Service Automation

The YADE Background Service Automation is provided by a JobScheduler instance. This service can import the transfer history and log files from any number of YADE Clients into the transfer history database as well as sending notifications.

  • The YADE Background Service collects the transfer history from individual YADE Clients and is either invoked by the YADE Client after each file transfer or started by the automatically by the JobScheduler.
  • The YADE Background Service feeds the transfer history database with information on each file transfer including file names, source and target systems and execution results.

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YADE Background Service History Viewer

The YADE Background Service History Viewer is a web front-end for accessing the file transfer history from the file transfer database which is used by the file YADE Background Service.

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