The JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC) Cockpit is the end user interface for JobScheduler. FEATURE AVAILABILITY STARTING FROM RELEASE 1.11

Developed following the principles of “Keeping things simple” and “Minimization of clicks”, the JOC Cockpit brings a modern, responsive user interface, web service API and finely configurable authentication and authorization to Open Source job scheduling.

The JOC Cockpit completely replaces and extends the functions of the classic JOC and the JobScheduler Information Dashboard, JID, so that a single interface is sufficient for carrying out all tasks - from monitoring jobs and job chains to checking logs from the history.

The JOC Cockpit is installed separately to a JobScheduler Master. This separation of functions brings better user experience for service operators and allows use of the JobScheduler in security-sensitive and critical networks: the JOC Cockpit can be operated in less restrictive network zones than the JobScheduler Master and Agents. See the JOC Cockpit - Architecture article for more detailed information.

For initial login to the JOC Cockpit use the account "root" and password "root".


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