The Daily Plan provides information at a glance about which jobs and orders are scheduled to run, which are running and which have run over a given period. The plan also shows the current status of jobs and orders and the time at which they are expected to end.Note that the Daily Plan is a reporting and not an operating feature - the scheduling of Jobs and Orders is carried out by the JobScheduler Master.

Method of Calculation

The Daily Plan is calculated by the JOC Cockpit Web Service using data that is regularly read from the JobScheduler Database. This is shown schematically on the JOC Cockpit - Architecture page.

  • By default the Daily Plan is calculated every day at 00:01 and after every time the JobScheduler is restarted. Calculation of the Daily Plan is started by the CreateDailyPlan Order, which can be found in the live/sos/dailyplan folder.
  • By default the Daily Plan is calculated for 31 days from 00:00 of the current day to 24:00 31 days later.
  • The JOC Cockpit Web Service will query the JobScheduler Master(s) when the Daily Plan is to be shown for a period that is not reflected by the records in the database.

Manually Running the CreateDailyPlan Order

The CreateDailyPlan Order can be started from the JOC Cockpit Job Chains view with a user account with appropriate permissions:

  • Open the /sos/dailyplan folder and click the Expand Details button.
  • Click on the ellipsis symbol alongside the createDailyPlan Order and select Start Order Parameterized.
  • Set the days_offset parameter to the desired value and click Submit.

The time period covered by the Daily Plan:

  • can be set to a high value such as 365 if the Calendar view is to be available even if JobScheduler is not running.
  • can be set to a low value such as 0 if the Calendar view should be available only if JobScheduler is running.
  • can be changed by a system administrator as required with necessary permissions to start and modify the CreateDailyPlan Order.

Calculation in Detail

  • The JobScheduler will be asked when the toDate is after the maxDate (in the database) and the filter does not contain "late=true" and only contains states other than "planned" (or none).
  • When the fromDate is after the maxDate JobScheduler will be asked for the interval fromDate/toDate.
  • When the fromDate is before the maxDate JobScheduler will be asked for the interval fromDate+1/toDate.
  • Search criteria like job, job_chain, orderId, folders and regular expressions will affect the result.

Daily Plan Views

The Daily Plan is available as a timeline / Gantt chart view and as a table as shown in the two screenshots below.

Note that a series of preconfigured filters are provided for the Daily Plan. These are are positioned in the row below the JOC Cockpit Main Menu and provide filtering according to:

  • Status (Waiting, Successful, Failed or Late)
  • Period (Today or for the Next 24 hours)

In addition the Sort By selector can be used to specify sorting according to Path, Order ID, Planned Start or Status.

Custom filters (Customizations) can also be configured and applied to the Daily Plan as described below.


  • Timeline / Gantt View

  • Table View

    • In addition to the options provided by the preconfigured filters, sorting options and Customizations provided under the main menu, the Daily Plan Table view can be sorted according to each column header in the table.
    • The number of entries in a Daily Plan page (10, 25, 50, etc.) can be set using the field presented at the foot of each page and a default number can be set in each User's Profile

Filtering and Searching

Custom filters (Customizations) can be applied to the Daily Plan and an additional Advanced Search function is also available as shown in the next screenshot:

The screenshot shows that the Advanced Search filters allow the use of an absolute start/end dates/times (From and To). This may be compared with Customizations, which are saved filter configurations and which do not have absolute start/end dates/times.

Advanced Searches can be saved as Customizations if required but then any absolute start/end dates/times configured for the search will be ignored.

Both Customizations and Advanced Searches allow an extensive range of filter criteria to be set including regular expressions, Folder selection and Job or Order Status.