Notification of Scheduling Events in Near Real-Time

The JOC Cockpit notifies the user about scheduling events from all the JobScheduler Masters and Master Clusters being operated from the JOC Cockpit in near real-time.This is in addition to the near real-time updating of state-related information such as the number of jobs running, order progress or the orders currently in error throughout the JOC Cockpit.

Notifications Summary

The number of open - i.e. unread - Notifications is shown alongside the bell symbol in the Menu Bar as can be seen in the screenshot below. Clicking on this bell symbol opens a summary of the new events for each JobScheduler Master and Master Cluster as shown.

Clicking on an Order Path link (shown in blue in the above screenshot) opens a summary of the new events for each JobScheduler Master or Master Cluster.

Order Event Filters

The Order Events triggering notifications can be filtered, with users able to configure their own individual filters in their User Profile. See the JOC Cockpit - User Profile article for more information.

Order Event Listing

Clicking on the Order link in each notifications summary will list all the open / unread events for that order as shown in the screenshot below:

Clicking a View Object link will cause the relevant object - in this case the order - to be loaded into the JOC Cockpit view. Note that this will not cause the panel containing the Notifications to close automatically.

Clicking on an individual notification will mark the notification as having being read, while the Mark all as read link marks all Notifications for the current order as having been read.