The JOC Cockpit is multi-language capable and, in particular, is able to handle Asian languages that require UTF-8.The JOC Cockpit is available with the following languages as standard:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese

The availability of language files means that work such as Support and Operation, which only require use of the JOC Cockpit and do not involve, for example, detailed JobScheduler configuration, can be given to personnel that do not have English language skills.


The language used in the JOC Cockpit is configured for each user in their Profile. See the JOC Cockpit - User Profile article for more information.

The JOC Cockpit language files include all the GUI labels, buttons, messages and API responses as .json files.

Note that the JobScheduler Master is not able to handle UTF-8 and therefore is not able to handle languages requiring this coding. Error messages and log files provided by the JobScheduler are only available in English.