The YADE Client can be operated from the command line and batch files. In addition it can be operated by jobs that are provided as part of the SOS JobScheduler's JITL library and by way of an API, which is available for integration with other applications.
This section of the User Manual will concentrate on using the Client via the YADE Command Line Interface.

Change in YADE Configuration Format

Use of the YADE Client will be significantly changed with the introduction of an XSD schema and XML configuration files with version 1.11.

Up to Release 1.10.x - *.ini File Configuration

File transfer configuration has been carried out using text-based *.ini files up to and including Releases 1.10.x

A series of tutorials is available that provides guidance through setting up YADE and configuring basic file transfer situations.

A brief description of a simple *.ini file transfer configuration is available in the Configuration Formats & Tools section of this manual.

Release 1.11.x onwards - XML Based Configuration

An XML based configuration using an XSD schema will be introduced with Release 1.11. The use of the schema will considerably simplify file transfer configuration for the YADE Client - particularly for complex file transfer situations.

A form-based editor is available that will guide the user during the configuration process and ensure that configurations are validated.

File transfer configurations specified for Client versions up to 1.10.x will need to be modified before they can be run with versions 1.11 onwards. A Parameter Mapping table is available to help conversion to the XML based configuration.

Further Information

See Configuring File Transfers with the YADE Client for more information about the changes involved.



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