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Connection Protocols

The YADE Client can use a number of protocols to make connections for the source and target parts of the transfer. These protocols are specified in parameters set in protocol fragment elements in the YADE XML configuration.

Each protocol fragment has a number of required and optional child elements, depending on the properties of the protocol itself. For example, the FTPS protocol element has:

Connection types

As noted for the FTPS protocol element example above, each protocol element requires a connection type. The connection types available are:

  • BasicConnection, with a required Hostname and an optional Password
    The BasicConnection is used for the following ProtocolFragments:
    • FTP, FTPS, Jump, SFTP
    • SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies
  • URLConnection with a required URL
    The URLConnection is used with the following ProtocolFragments:
    • WebDAV

Specifying Connection Protocols

Connection protocols are specified in the Fragments elements of the XSD Schema. All fragments elements are child elements of the ProtocolFragments element as shown schematically below:

  • Fragments
    • ProtocolFragments
      • FTPFragment
        • BasicConnection
        • BasicAuthentication
          • Account
          • Password (optional)
        • Optional fragment elements
      • FTPSFragment
        • BasicConnection
        • BasicAuthentication
          • Account
          • Password (optional)
        • Optional fragment elements
      • HTTPFragment
        • Etc ...
      • Etc ...

As explained in the Configuration 2 - The Fragments Branch article, fragments elements are called from the Profiles branch of the configuration and are identified by a name attribute specified in the *Fragment element.

Note that any number of ProtocolFragments can be specified within a configuration, allowing a number of authentication methods to be predefined for a particular file transfer operation. The AlternativeFragments element can be used to specify a number of alternative connections and authentication methods for a file transfer profile.

Example Configuration

An example configuration for an FTP connection showing both the Fragments and Profiles branches can be seen in the YADE User Manual - Simple File Transfer with Basic Authentication article.


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