• An XSD schema is provided for YADE that represents the configuration elements available for YADE operations.
  • The schema explains the hierarchy of configuration elements and element attributes such as mandatory/optional, repeatable, data types etc.

Status of Documentation

XSD Schema Source

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XSD Schema Documentation

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XSD Schema-aware XML Editor

  • Manage YADE XML Configuration files
  • Assign YADE XSD Schema to configuration files
  • Validate XML configuration files
  • The schema-aware XML Editor suggests elements and attributes for configuration
  • The XML Editor includes the YADE - Reference Documentation
  • The XML Editor can be used to 
    • import and convert .ini settings files to XML configuraiton files.
    • export compatible .ini settings files from valid XML configuration files for YADE releases before 1.11

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XSD Schema Structure

The configuration elements in the YADE XSD schema are divided into three main groupings:

  • Fragment Parameters
    • The Fragments refer to that part of the configuration that describes how the transfer is to be carried out – i.e. per FTP proxy.
    • At least a minimum set of Fragments parameters has to be provided.
  • Profile Parameters
    • The Profiles part of the configuration describes what is to be done – i.e. the operations involved, such as copy from source A to target B.
    • At least a minimum set of Profiles parameters has to be provided.
  • General Parameters
    • The General configuration options mainly refer to background transfer features. The most important of these are the YADE Background Service, the Credential Store and logging.
    • The specification of General configuration parameters is optional.

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