File transfer parameters in YADE are defined hierarchically and are sorted into two branches - Profiles and Fragments. A Profile specifies what is to be done (e.g. copy from A to B) and the Fragment defines how this is to be done (e.g. using protocol X, authentication Y, etc.).

Fragments (see the link to the relevant section of this manual at the foot of this article) are generally configured before Profiles. The considerations necessary for defining the Profile branch of the configuration are described in this article.

How to generate the Profile configuration

The diagram below shows the minimum parameter hierarchy (i.e. without optional parameters) required to specify a file transfer from a remote source per FTP protocol to the local file system.

When the XML Editor is used to generate the configuration you will be guided using the Add child button to insert valid elements starting with the Profiles element and proceed down the hierarchy.

Note that the links behind each element name in the diagram lead to the Parameter Reference Documentation for that element, which provides detailed information about the parameter.

Each individual file transfer is headed up by a Profile, which is added as a child of the Profiles element.

The individual parameters that have to be specified in the Profile are as follows:

  • The Profile requires a profile_id which is used to call the profile when the transfer is called from the command line.
  • In the example, a Copy operation is specified, which, in turn, requires that CopySource and CopyTarget elements are set.
  • The CopySource element has two child elements:
    • a CopySourceFragmentRef element, which is required. This element in turn requires an FTPFragmentRef element, which contains the reference specifying the protocol fragment element. The protocol fragment then specifies the transfer connection parameters such as authentication, protocol, etc.
      • Note that the FragmentRef element (FTPFragmentRef), which is used to specify the fragment element, is protocol-specific. This allows optional pre- and post-processing child elements - which are not shown in the hierarchy - to be added to the profile as child elements of the FTPFragmentRef element. Such elements are protocol-specific.
    • a SourceFileOptions element which is also required - together with the Selection element - and is used to specify a range of parameters related to aspects of file selection.
  • The CopyTarget element does not need a corresponding FTPFragmentRef child element as the target is the local file system. However, the LocalTarget element must be specified.
    • The Directory element is used to specify a target directory if a directory other than the user's root directory is used.

Calling Profile Elements

A Profile is specified by its profile_id attribute, which is used to call the profile when the transfer is called from the command line.

An example showing the YADE command line call syntax can be seen in the Configuring and Running File Transfers article.

Further Information

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Other documents

  • The use of the Operations element - the only Profiles child element whose use is required - is described in the Operation section of this manual.


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