The Operation element specifies the type of file transfer that is to be carried out. The Operation is a child element of the Profile and a required element.

Operation - the action YADE is to carry out

 The Operation elements that the YADE Client can carry out are defined as follows:

  • Copy - duplicate the files from one location to another

  • Move - duplicate the files from one location to another and then delete the original files

  • Remove - delete files from a server

  • GetList - obtain a file containing a list of file names

Specifying the Operation Element

An Operation element is required for each file transfer configuration.

In the YADE XSD schema, the Operation is a child of the Profile element as is shown in the hierarchy below:

  • Profile
    • Operation
      • Copy
        • CopySource
        • CopyTarget
      • Move
        • MoveSource
        • MoveTarget
      • Remove
        • RemoveSource
      • GetList
        • GetListSource
    • Client (optional)
    • other optional siblings ...

The hierarchy also shows how the Operation element that is selected defines whether source and target elements require to be called. These in turn define the transfer options that may be available.

The Operation element has a number of siblings (Client, JobScheduler and Notifications) which are optional children of the Profile element and are described in the Profile parameter reference article.

When the XML Editor is used, selection of an Operation will cause the Editor to automatically generate the required descendants necessary to specify the Operation.

For the Copy Operation these would be:

  • Copy
    • CopySource
      • CopySourceFragmentRef
        • *FragmentRef (contains the reference to the Fragment to be used, where * defines the protocol to be used)
      • SourceFileOptions
        • Selection
    • CopyTarget
      • CopyTargetFragmentRef
      • Directory

Example Configuration using the Copy Operation

An example configuration using the Copy Operation was shown on the Configuring File Transfers with the YADE Client page.

Example Configuration using the GetList Operation

An example configuration using the GetList Operation is shown on the Example YADE Configuration using the GetList Operation page.

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