BasicConnection - BasicConnectionType
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A connection specifies parameters for a Hostname and a Port to which a connection is established.

Element Type Required Description
Hostname string
  • Min: 1
  • Whitespace: preserve
  • Occurrence: 1
References Notes

This parameter specifies the hostname (e.g. foo.org) or IP address (e.g. IPv4 of the (FTP, SFTP, SSH, etc.) server to which a connection has to be made.

Support for KeePass versions 1 and 2.

Note: Availability starting with YADE-464.

Referencing CredentialStore fields.

Note: Availability starting with YADE-481.

Referencing a field in the CredentialStore is effected by the following syntax:



  • cs://         is a constant prefix that is used by YADE to identify this setting to be a reference to a CredentialStore.
  • entry_path      specifies the path to an entry within the CredentialStore database. Folders (groups) within a path are separated by a slash "/". This setting is optional. If ommitted then the value of the CSEntryPath configuration item is used.
  • entry_field          is one of the standard fields available in a CredentialStore:
    • title
    • user
    • password
    • url
    • notes
    • attachment
    or the custom fields.

<Hostname> element:

  • Usage like the examples below.
  • If the entry field value is defined with host:port, YADE sets the <Hostname> and <Port> automatically.


  • Examples for fully specified entry path:
    • <Domain>, <Hostname>, <Account>, <Password>, <Passphrase> elements:
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@title
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@user
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@password
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@url
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@notes
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@my_custom_field
    • <AuthenticationFile> element:
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@attachment - the first attachment
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@my_custom_field - a specified attachment
  • Examples without fully specified entry path:
    • <Domain>, <Hostname>, <Account>, <Password>, <Passphrase> elements:
      • cs://@title
      • cs://@user
      • cs://@password
      • cs://@url
      • cs://@notes
      • cs://@my_custom_field
    • <AuthenticationFile> element:
      • cs://@attachment - the first attachment
      • cs://@my_custom_field - a specified attachment
Port int
  • Pattern: [\-+]?[0-9]+
  • Whitespace: collapse
  • Occurrence: 0..1
References Notes

Port on which the connection should be established. If empty, the default port for each protocol will be used:

  • FTP: 21
  • SFTP: 22
  • FTPS: 990
  • HTTP: 80
  • HTTPS: 443


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