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  • The Fragments refer to that part of the configuration that describes how the transfer is to be carried out – i.e. per FTP proxy.
  • At least a minimum set of ProtocolFragment parameters has to be provided.


  • The ProtocolFragment describes how the file transfer is to be carried out – i.e. per FTP proxy.


  • Define how the transfer is to be carried out when either the connection or authentication specified in the ProtocolFragment cannot be made.
  • AlternativeFragments are not be called after a connection has been made and authenticated and an error occurs.


  • The NotificationFragments describe how notifications about the transfer are to be transmitted, e.g. by e-mail.


  • A secure store can be used for credentials, e.g. KeePassX, and parameters can reference e.g. Account and Password from the secure store.
  • At run-time YADE replaces references to the credential store by the respective values from the store. This prevents e.g. passwords from being exposed in YADE configuration files.


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