• The Parameter Reference is used for configuring YADE file transfer settings.
  • The Parameter Reference is generated from the latest version of the XSD schema in YADE - Reference Documentation - XSD Schema Reference and includes additional explanations of configuration elements.
  • The YADE - User Manual provides an overview of features, explains use cases and includes references to this documentation.

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Parameter Reference



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The XML file transfer configuration that is introduced with version 1.11 of the YADE Client uses an XSD schema to define relationships between parameters and which parameters can be used together.

The top two levels of the schema are shown in the diagram at the top of this page:

The Configurations element is the top level element in the transfer configuration and has three child elements, representing three main branches of the configuration:

  • Fragments branch:
    • Parameters set in the Fragments configuration branch specify how the transfer is to be carried out.
    • An example transfer fragment could specify that FTP protocol should be used, via a SOCKS5 proxy on a particular port, with password authentication.
    • At least a minimum set of Fragments parameters is required.
    • More than one transfer method can be specified in the Fragments branch.
    • ProtocolFragments can be thought of as a library of predefined transfer configurations that can be called up as required.
    • The transfer method that will be used is specified as a reference in the Profiles configuration branch.
  • Profiles branch:
    • Profiles are the central defining file transfer elements - it is a profile that is called when a file transfer is to be carried out.
    • The Profiles element specifies what is to be done – i.e. the operations involved.
    • An example transfer Profile could specify that files are to be moved from a source to a target and renamed.
    • At least a minimum set of Profile parameters is required.
  • General branch:
    • The General Configuration options refer to central settings that are applied to all file transfer configuratons such as use of the YADE Background Service and logging.
    • Some settings from the General branch can be superseeded by Profile settings that apply to an individual file transfer configuration.
    • The specification of General configuration parameters is not mandatory.

In addition there are:

  • Reusable elements
    • (Not shown on the diagram above.) Reusable Elements can be included at different points in the configuration as allowed in the schema - eventually more than once.
    • Example Reusable Elements are:
      • the BasicConnection element, which requires a Hostname and optionally a Port and can be used, for example, in an FTPFragment and FTPSFragment but not in a HTTPFragment.
      • the ProxyForFTPS element, which requires that either a SOCKS4Proxy or a SOCKS5Proxy is specified and can only be used in an FTPSFragment.
        Note that both the SOCKS4Proxy and SOCKS5Proxy elements are themselves Reusable Elements.


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