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This parameter specifies the target of a Copy operation.

The following frequently used settings groups are available:

Element Type Required Description
CopyTargetFragmentRef [WriteableFragmentRefType]
  • Occurrence: 1
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This element references a writeable fragment that is used to copy files in a Copy operation.

Any number of reusable Fragments elements can be configured and are distinguished by YADE based on their name attribute.

A subsequent fragment reference element points to the fragment that is used as target in the Copy operation.

  • Occurrence: 0..unbounded
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Alternative fragements can be specified as a replacement for existing file transfer fragments in case that a connection cannot be established with those fragments.

Alternative fragments can be specified from a range of protocol fragments for use with the source or target of a file transfer operation that required modifying files.

For each fragment type depending on the file transfer protocol in use an alternative fragment type is available.

Directory string
  • Min: 1
  • Whitespace: preserve
  • Occurrence: 1
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This parameter is used to specify a directory on one of the involved servers. Directories can be adressed using a folder structure, e.g. /folder1/folder2.

For Windows systems when used with the LocalSource parameter then a Windows path including a drive letter can be specified. For all server systems the standard syntax using can be used which includes forward slashes to separate folder names.

The directory can be set absolute or relative to the working directory, where the working directory depends on the server configuration. If for example a user "test" connects to an SFTP server then this user might have /home/test/ as a working directory. This applies to servers that use the home directory as the working directory. In this case you can use relative and absolute adressing as in

  • data
  • /home/test/data
as values for the Directory parameter.
  • Occurrence: 0..1
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These options apply to files on a target server. They specify e.g. the Atomicity of a file transfer for Copy and Move operations.


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