Use of XML for configuration

YADE is moving towards XML configuration

YADE releases before 1.13.1

For the management of YADE XML configuration files SOS provides the schema-aware Editor for XML Configuration.

Use with YADE releases 1.9 and 1.10

  • Use the XML Editor to create valid YADE configuration files.
  • Migrate from .ini settings files to XML configuration files by use of the built-in migration tools.
  • Benefit from the integrated Parameter Reference Documentation.
  • Use the mapping capabilities of the XML Editor to convert an XML configuration to the .ini file format that is used by YADE before 1.11.

Use with YADE release 1.11

YADE releases starting from 1.13.1

  • YADE configuration for the jobs executed on a JobScheduler Master
    • Deprecation notice:
      • the use of the YADE configuration files created by the XML Editor is still supported but deprecated.
      • the use of the job/order parameter settings is deprecated.
    • The functionality to manage the YADE configuration is directly available from JOC Cockpit.
      • The YADE configuration is forwarded by the Joc Cockpit to the respective JobScheduler Master.

Getting Started

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