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Release Notes

  • The XML Editor is developed within the release cycles of SOS products such as JobScheduler and YADE.
    • Find issues for features and fixes within the Release Information.
    • Find here an overview of features across a number of releases
  • The XML Editor is released independently from other SOS products due to its license model (Freeware License).


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
JS-1477 Feature JS-1484 JS-1485 JS-1486 JS-1487 JS-1488 JS-1489 JS-1490 JS-1491 JS-1494 JS-1528 , YADE-321 1.10 Major XML Editor exports compatible YADE .ini files from XML configuration files Released Fixed
JS-1430 Feature JS-1431 JS-1432 JS-1433 JS-1434 JS-1436 JS-1437 JS-1438 JS-1439 JS-1440 JS-1452 YADE-313 , YADE-321 1.10 Major Provide schema-aware XML Editor for JobScheduler and YADE configuration files Released Fixed
JS-1501 Feature 1.10 Minor XML Editor supports shortcuts Resolved Fixed
JS-1440 Sub-task 1.10 Major Provide XML Editor for use with JobScheduler Monitoring Interface configuration files Released Fixed
JS-1439 Sub-task JS-1478 1.10 Major Import and export XML configuration Released Fixed
JS-1436 Sub-task 1.10 Major Show reference values as list items Released Fixed
JS-1489 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Rename operations for schema assignment Resolved Fixed
JS-1488 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Consider exporting parameters without prefix Released Fixed
JS-1487 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Remove option for temporary file removal Released Fixed
JS-1490 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Enable Plugin-supported operations to be listed in the context menu Released Fixed
JS-1494 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Allow auto-convert mode when saving XML files Released Fixed
JS-1486 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Suggest .ini file name when exporting Released Fixed
JS-1491 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Separate Collapse/Expand operations Released Fixed
JS-1485 Sub-task 1.10 Minor URI schema assignment Released Fixed
JS-1484 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Consider change of boolean default values in parameters Released Fixed
JS-1432 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Enable to store an XML file after schema assignment Released Fixed
JS-1438 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Copy & Paste XML nodes between XML configuration files Released Fixed
JS-1437 Sub-task 1.10 Minor Enable boolean element values to be displayed as select lists Released Fixed
JS-1528 Feature JS-1477 1.10.2 Major XML Editor includes migration utility for YADE .ini settings files to XML configuration files Released Fixed
JS-1578 Feature 1.10.4, 1.11 Minor XML Editor should support .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5 Released Fixed
JS-1478 Feature JS-1439 Minor XML Editor imports and exports XML configuration files for merge Deferred Unresolved

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