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  • Schedules determine the start times of Orders, the Workflow and any Variables assigned to Orders.
    • Start times are based on JS7 - Calendars that specify the days for execution of Orders.
    • Users specify the Order's start time and optionally cyclic execution in intervals.
  • Schedules are applied by the JS7 - Daily Plan to create Orders for the given date and time.
    • Schedules can be manually applied from the Daily Plan view.
    • Schedules are automatically applied by the JS7 - Daily Plan Service.

Feature Video

This video explains the handling of schedules:

Manage Schedules

Schedules are available from the Configuration -> Inventory view.


  • A Schedules is assigned a unique name.
  • A Schedule includes a reference to a Workflow for which Orders will be created.
  • A Schedule is assigned a run-time that specifies a JS7 - Calendar and the rules for dates and times when Orders are to be run.
  • A Schedule can include a number of Variables, see JS7 - Order Variables.

Assign a Run-time to a Schedule


Assign Variables to a Schedule

  • Variables are declared with a Workflow. The declaration includes specifying if a Variable is mandatory or can make use of a default value.
  • The user interface for Schedules requires that any mandatory Variables are assigned a value.
  • In addition, values for optional Variables can be specified.

Release a Schedule

  • When a Schedule is edited with the user interface then it is considered a draft.
  • A draft Schedule can be valid or invalid and is automatically stored, however, it will not be used before it is released.
  • To release a Schedule the respective user interface operation is required.
    • The Schedule will be validated for completeness which results in a valid/invalid status.
    • In case of an invalid Schedule check that all required configuration items such as the Schedule name, Workflow, Run-time and Variables have been assigned.
    • A valid Schedule is released which makes it usable by the Daily Plan either for manual or automated creation of Orders.

Use of Schedules with the Daily Plan

When configuring a Schedule then two settings can be checked that determine use with the Daily Plan:

  • Plan Order automatically: this setting activates the Schedule for use with the JS7 - Daily Plan Service. As a result Orders are automatically added with a PLANNED state.
  • Submit Order to Controller when planned: this setting offers to automatically submit PLANNED Orders to a Controller either when used by the Daily Plan view or by the Daily Plan Service. As a result such orders are assigned a PENDING state.

Use with the Daily Plan View

  • The view allows manual creation of a daily plan for a given date. 
  • This functionality includes the application of individual Schedules or all Schedules to generate Orders.
  • Only valid Schedules that have been released can be used by the Daily Plan.

Use with the Daily Plan Service

  • The Daily Plan Service makes use of any released Schedules that hold the configuration items:
    • to plan Orders automatically or
    • to submit Orders to a Controller when planned.
  • The Daily Plan Service will plan and submit Orders for the number of days ahead that is specified with the service configuration.

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