User profiles hold settings that are specific for a user account and that are controlled by the user. 

Profile Page

The Profile page is accessible from the user menu of an account in the upper right hand corner of any JOC Cockpit view:

Pofile Page

The Profile page allows the user to change their password and to manage settings from a number of tabs:
In addition it offers a number of sub-views to manage preferences etc.

Change Password

User accounts are are authenticated by the JS7 - Identity Services.

  • If a user is authenticated by the JS7 - JOC Identity Service then the option of changing their password is available.
  • For other Identity Services users change their password with the Identity Provider. For example, if an LDAP Identity Provider is used then the password is changed with the LDAP Directory Service, such as a Microsoft Active Directory®.

When clicking the Change Password link in the Profile page then the following popup window is displayed:


  • The JS7 administrator can specify an initial password and a minimum password length, as described in the JS7 - Identity Services, chapter: Global Settings article.
    • The initial password cannot be (re)used when the password is changed.
    • The minimum password length has to be observed.
  • The old password cannot be used as the new password.

Profile Sub-views


For the Preferences sub-view see the JS7 - Profiles - Preferences article.


For the Permissions sub-view see the JS7 - Profiles - Permissions article.

Signature Key Management

For the Signature Key Management sub-view see the JS7 - Profiles - Signature Key Management article.

SSL Key Management

For the SSL Key Management sub-view see the JS7 - Profiles - SSL Key Management article.

Favorite Management

For the Favorite Management sub-view see the JS7 - Profiles - Favorite Management article.

Further Resources

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