The JS7 - History view by offers to display entries from the JS7 - Order History and from the Task History.

The view displays Task History items that include the output of individual jobs of any Workflows. To view the execution result and log output of any jobs in a Workflow passed ruing an Order's lifetime the Order History is available.

Task History View

Task History items are displayed by start times, by default in descending order.

Note that Task History items are displayed for all Workflows executed. If you are looking for the history of the tasks executed for a Workflow, then consider using the JS7 - Order History.


  • This view displays the execution history, including the start time, end time etc. of the jobs in any workflows.
  • Filtering is enabled for task states and frequently used periods.
  • When clicking an entry in any column except the Workflow column then the Task Log View opens.
  • Note: Availability of Task History entries depends on the retention period specified with the JS7 - Cleanup Service.

Explanation on Actions and Filters:

  • Current Controller: This option specifies whether results are only displayed for the currently selected Controller or if the Task History for all connected Controllers is displayed. The default behavior is specified in the JS7 - Profiles - Preferences.
  • Status Filters: Filters can be applied to focus results on tasks holding the relevant status.
  • Date Range Filters: Filters can be applied to limit results to the indicated date ranges. For individual date ranges use the Advanced Filter.
  • Customization: see JS7 - Views - Customizations.
  • Ignore List: see JS7 - Views - Ignore Lists.
  • Export Data: This option is accessed using the  icon in the upper right hand corner of the window, for details see JS7 - Views - Export Data.

Task Log View

The task log includes any output created by an individual job in the workflow for a given order.


  • Checkboxes
    • Main: Output created from an Agent when starting or completing a tasks is categorized as [MAIN] and is displayed in green. Such output is categorized as [MAIN] and its display can be toggled using this checkbox.
    • stdout: Output created from a job script is written to the stdout and stderr channels. Such output is categorized as [STDOUT] and [STDERR] and its display can be toggled using this checkbox
  • Links
    • DownloadLog output is downloaded for viewing with a text editor of the user's client device. Which text editor to use is decided by the associated mime type text/plain or by browser settings.
    • Reload: A reload typically is not required as JOC Cockpit offers a running log that updates the log view window automatically from recent job log output.
  • Note: Timestamps in a Task Log can be converted to the user's time zone with the respective profile setting, see JS7 - Profiles - Preferences.

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter offers to search for tasks in past periods and optionally with additional filter criteria:

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