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  • During the final development phase of JS7 daily snapshots and release candidates are provided for download.
  • Release numbers are introduced starting from availability of the release candidate.

Pull Docker® Images

Docker® images for JS7 are publicly available from

  • Note: Before general availability of JS7 images of snapshot releases are provided for testing purposes to early adopters. Release candidates are more stable and are close to the final release.
  • Note: When using a current image then users of snapshot releases before August 19th have to drop the Controller's and Agent's journals like this:
    • Agent:
      • Path inside the container: /var/<port>/state/*
      • Removal from volume: rm <path-to-docker-volume>/var/state/*
    • Controller:
      • Path inside the container: /var/*
      • Removal from volume: rm <path-to-docker-volume>/var/state/*
    • Then redeploy your scheduling objects such as workflows etc. from the JOC Cockpit Configuration View.

Release Notes: Release 2.1.0

JOC CockpitLinuxImagedocker image pull sosberlin/js7:joc-2-1-1JS7 - JOC Cockpit Installation for Docker Containers
ControllerLinuxImagedocker image pull sosberlin/js7:controller-2-1-1JS7 - Controller Installation for Docker Containers

docker image pull sosberlin/js7:agent-2-1-1

JS7 - Agent Installation for Docker Containers

LinuxImage with PowerShell Moduledocker image pull sosberlin/js7:agent-2-1-1-plusJS7 - Agent Installation for Docker Containers with "plus" images

Download for Installation On Premises

The JS7 product is offered for download from the SOS web site and from SourceForge.

Release Notes: Release 2.1.0

Download Licensed Binary Code

Customers with a Commercial License can download licensed binary code to enable clustering for high availability. Use of licensed binary code requires a license key.

ComponentPlatformMediaDownload URLDocumentation
Binary Code
anyjs7-license.jar file

Customers with a Commercial License can download the js7-license.jar file.

JS7 - How to apply a JS7 License Key

Download Defaults and Examples

To give you an easy start, we suggest that you download some presets that you can import into JOC Cockpit from the Configuration View

You might be interested in downloading a number of examples for workflows and jobs for operation with Agents on Unix and Windows respectively. The examples can be helpful to create your own workflows and job dependencies. The examples correspond to what you find from the JS7 - Online Demo.

  • Unix examples make use of an Agent Name primaryAgent, Windows examples use an Agent Name windowsAgent.
  • You can modify the Agent assignment with the example jobs or you can create this Agent Alias Name (recommended), see JS7 - Initial Operation for Standalone Controller.

ComponentPlatformMediaDownload URLDocumentation Archive for Import

After import of the archive a folder with the same name is available that includes JS7 - Job Resources to publish global JS7 - Job Environment Variables to your shell jobs

ExamplesUnix.tar.gz Archive for Import Defaults before importing examples, for explanations see JS7 - Online Demo Archive for Import Defaults before importing examples, for explanations see JS7 - Online Demo

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