JS7 is a rewrite from scratch of the JobScheduler products. The motivation for JS7 is not to improve the existing branch 1.x (JS1) but to create something better.

Users have a choice when it comes to JS1 migration:

  • The Converter is published with the same Open Source License as JS7, see JS7 - License.
    • The Converter is free for use by all users.
    • Users of the Open Source License can ask for community support, see Community Resources.
  • Customers of the Commercial License can ask for professional Migration Services by SOS.
  • From a wider perspective the JS7 introduces a number of new concepts and capabilities, particularly when it comes to job dependencies. Users might consider to perform a redesign of job dependencies to benefit from superior capabilities of the JS7.

Supported Versions

The Converter is focused to work for JobScheduler releases 1.12 and 1.13. However, it can be used with older releases. Technically the Converter will migrate the XML elements of configuration files for jobs, job chains etc. within the scope of what is available for 1.12 and 1.13 releases and it will ignore XML elements available for older releases only. In fact a larger number of XML elements is unchanged since releases 1.9, they can be migrated by the Converter, however, they require more attention concerning use of deprecated features.


Releases 1.13
Releases 1.12

Full coverage of object migration
Releases 1.11Reasonable coverage, requires a few manual adjustments
Releases 1.10Limited coverage, requires manual adjustments
Releases 1.9Limited coverage, see Deprecated Features
Releases 1.8
Releases 1.7
Limited coverage, requires a close check of converted objects, see Deprecated Features

Converter Usage

With availability of Release 2.4.0 a Converter is available to migrate JS1 *.xml files of scheduling objects to JS7:

JOC-1318 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The Converter reads existing JS1 *.xml files and creates .json files that are added to a .tar.gz or .zip archive for import into JS7, see JS7 - Inventory Export and Import.

Find more information from the JS7 - Migration of JobScheduler 1.x - Converter Usage article.

Converter Capabilities

The Converter strives for accuracy, however, a few configuration items in JS1 *.xml files require manual adjustment.

Find more information from the JS7 - Migration of JobScheduler 1.x - Converter Capability Reference article.

Further Information

An earlier conversion approach by use of a PowerShell Migration Utility used for prototyping is not considered any longer as development is frozen:

  • SOS provides a JS1 PowerShell Module, the PowerShell CLI 1.2. This module can be used with a number of JS1 branches.
  • The PowerShell Module includes the PowerShell CLI 1.2 - Cmdlets - ConvertFrom-JobSchedulerXml cmdlet which is used to:
    • read JS1 job-related configurations with the JS1 REST Web Service,
    • convert XML job-related configurations to JSON and
    • write export files which can be imported into JS7.

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