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JS7 is a rewrite from scratch of the JobScheduler components. The motivation for JS7 is not to improve the existing branch 1.x (JS1) but to create something better.

Users have a number of choices when it comes to JS1 migration:

  • The Converter is published with the same Open Source License as JS7, see JS7 - License.
    • The Converter is free for use by all users.
    • Users of the Open Source License can ask for community support, see Community Resources.
  • Customers of the Commercial License can ask for professional Migration Services by SOS.
  • From a wider perspective the JS7 introduces a number of new concepts and capabilities, particularly when it comes to job dependencies. Users might consider to perform a redesign of job dependencies to benefit from superior capabilities of the JS7.

Converter Usage

With availability of Release 2.4.0 (in progress) a Converter will become available to migrate JS1 *.xml files of scheduling objects to JS7:

JOC-1318 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The Converter reads existing JS1 *.xml files and creates .json files that are added to a .tar.gz or .zip archive for import into JS7, see JS7 - Inventory Export and Import.

Find more information from the JS7 - Migration of JobScheduler 1.x - Converter Usage article.

Converter Capabilities

The Converter strives for accuracy, however, a few configuration items in JS1 *.xml files require manual adjustment.

Find more information from the JS7 - Migration of JobScheduler 1.x - Converter Capability Reference article.

Further Information

An earlier conversion approach by use of a PowerShell Migration Utility used for prototyping is not considered any longer as development is frozen:

  • SOS provides a JS1 PowerShell Module, the PowerShell CLI 1.2. This module can be used with a number of JS1 branches.
  • The PowerShell Module includes the PowerShell CLI 1.2 - Cmdlets - ConvertFrom-JobSchedulerXml cmdlet which is used to:
    • read JS1 job-related configurations with the JS1 REST Web Service,
    • convert XML job-related configurations to JSON and
    • write export files which can be imported into JS7.

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