The SOS web site offers a Try Out option providing an immediate online demo of the JS7 product. When requesting the online demo you will receive a welcome e-mail that includes an invitation link and credentials to access the JS7 online demo.

After clicking the Try-Out: Login from the welcome e-mail, you will be redirected to the Login window of JOC Cockpit. Use the account and password that you received with the welcome e-mail and log in to the JOC Cockpit.

After login, you will be presented the initial view, which is referred to as the DASHBOARD - for explanations see JS7 - Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a bird's eye view of the JS7 operational status. 

To run workflows from the JOC Cockpit, you need to switch to the WORKFLOWS view. In the left-hand panel, you can see the folder structure and can expand folders by clicking folder names.

After expanding the top folder, the sub-folders will be displayed, with each folder containing one or more workflows. Each workflow presents a different JS7 feature.





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