YADE comes with two main components: the Client, which is responsible for the file transfer itself and the YADE History, which shows the file transfer history in JOC.


The YADE Client is made up of a number of sub-components:

YADE Client

    • Seamless integration with JobScheduler for automated transfer

    • Adds entries to the YADE History

YADE History

The history is shown in JOC.


YADE Implementation Architecture

A unique key feature of YADE is Server-to-Server File Transfer (S2S). It provides the possibility of setting up a number of file transfers using a single server without installing clients/agents on each source/target host.

This is shown schematically in the diagram below:

YADE can transfer data using an intermediate server from a Source Server-to-Target Server (S2S) without touchdown on an intermediate server.

Further information

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