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  • JS7 is a rewrite from scratch of the JobScheduler components. The motivation for JS7 is not to improve the existing branch 1.x (JS1) but to create something better.
  • Early releases of JS7 were focused on new users of the product. Current users of the 1.x JobScheduler branch will find migration tools available which have been continually improved with subsequent JS7 releases.

Migration Tools

SOS provides a JS1 PowerShell Module, the PowerShell CLI 1.2. This module can be used with a number of JS1 branches.

The PowerShell Module includes the PowerShell CLI 1.2 - Cmdlets - ConvertFrom-JobSchedulerXml cmdlet which is used to:

  • read JS1 job-related configurations with the JS1 REST Web Service,
  • convert XML job-related configurations to JSON and
  • write export files which can be imported into JS7.

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