Product Knowledge Base

We would like the Product Knowledge Base to evolve into a comprehensive knowledge base about using JobScheduler and YADE. This is a challenge for the SOS and for the Open Source product community

  • Your feedback is essential. Please help us to improve the products and this knowledge base.
  • If you would like to become an active member with permissions to add articles, to chat, to watch and comment pages then please apply for Community Membership.

Change Management System

We offer public access to the Change Management System that we use to keep track of bug-fixes and feature requests:

  • Anonymous access to the Change Management System is available.
  • Please self-register to watch and track issues, to comment on issues, and to vote for issues.
  • If you would like to become an active member with permissions to add feature requests then please send us an e-mail to and ask for requestor access to the Change Management System.
  • The Change Management System is integrated with the Product Knowledge Base. You will find the information on releases, fixes and features in the Release Information section.

Ticket System

Bug reports, feature requests and support requests can be added to the SourceForge Ticket System:

Please, keep in mind that the Ticket System is a community effort. There are many helpful users around who would answer questions and provide recommendations. SOS is constantly involved in ticket resolution, however, we cannot guarantee timely answers to all your requests.

Please, when adding a ticket consider the information given in What information will SOS need when you submit a support request?

User Forum

The following SourceForge forums are provided for the Open Source community:

Please, note that these forums are maintained by the community. SOS is involved in the discussions, however, we have limited resources and may not answer every question in a timely manner. From our experience you will receive answers most efficiently if you take the time to:

  • provide information on your environment and how you intend to use the product(s).
  • check that you have formed your query as clearly as possible.

Resources for Support & Services

SOS provides services for users of an Open Source License as well as professional services for customers with a Commercial License - who enable us to finance on-going development. 

Third Party Resources

  • Finally a big "Thank You, Atlassian" who support our Open Source projects with free licenses for JIRA and Confluence. 
  • In addition, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the manufacturers of plugins that we were allowed to use in this site:
    • Adaptivist, Survey Plugin, Form Mail Plugin
    • Addteq, MSCGen Plugin; Michael McTernan, MSCGen
    • Midori, Archiving Plugin
    • ServiceRocket, Link Validator Plugin, Reporting Plugin, Redirection Plugin
    • Spectrum Groupe, Glossary
    • Bob Swift, Graphviz Diagrams
    • Edward Wenbb, Freemind Plugin

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