JS7 JobScheduler and the YADE Add-on (File Transfer) are provided with a dual licensing model. This means that the products are available with an Open Source License (GPLv3) and with a Commercial License for enterprise customers.

Dual Licensing

  • The JS7 JobScheduler and YADE products are available under a dual license model that offers customers the choice between open source licenses and commercial licenses.
  • The same source code and therefore the same feature functionality is available with both license models. The one exception is the operational feature to cluster the JS7 products for high availability which is a commercially available feature for enterprise customers.
  • The SOS is committed to open source. Open source is about free software, in the sense of freely available source code.
  • Customers with commercial licenses benefit from additional Support Options and Services

Open Source Licensing

  • The JS7 JobScheduler and YADE products are available with an Open Source License GPLv3 (General Public License).
  • Users of the Open Source License benefit from free software and may use it free of charge.
  • Users of the Open Source license can ask for community support with the SourceForge JobScheduler Discussion Forums and they can use the publicly available Community Resources such as the extensive Product Knowledge Base.
  • Professional services and support is available only for customers with a commercial license.

Commercial Licensing

  • The SOS grants customers who have purchased commercial licenses access to a wide range of License ModelsSupport Options and professional Services.
  • Customers with commercial licenses help us to finance ongoing development from license revenues.
  • Customers benefit from ongoing Product MaintenanceSupport Options and Services, such as TrainingImplementation and Migration services.
  • Customers can subscribe to Long Term Support to access maintenance releases for longer periods whereas publicly available maintenance releases are provided for one year.
  • Customers can report bugs and change requests to the SOS Ticket System, they benefit from guaranteed Service Levels and receive immediate support in case of production standstill.

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