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General Information

  • SOS provides Migration Services within the scope of projects.
  • The service is based on the customer's requirements, together with the customer the scope for a given service is determined.

Migration Services

... more information is available from our company web site.

Migration Services for Control-M users

  • We offer to show to you our proceeding for automated conversion:
    • Send us some sample job definitions in the standard Control-M XML export format.
      • The Control-M deftable utility would create an XML export file like the attached document: Control-M.deftable.xml
      • The sample export file could look like this:

        Sample XML export format  Expand source
    • We will visualize existing job dependencies from this export format and send you the resulting dependency graph.
      • The job dependency graph could look like in the attached document: Control-M.deftable.pdf
      • The sample output from the above XML export format converted to PDF would like this:

  • Starting from such a sample we then will move on with you to a proof of concept that includes converting Control-M jobs to JobScheduler objects.
    • We will provide converted jobs in a test environment, either at your site or in a virtual environment.
    • The proof of concept will show to what extent the conversion can be automated and it will allow to test the job dependencies in detail.
  • Based on the proof of concept you take your decision to go ahead with JobScheduler.
  • A project report of a Control-M migration to JobScheduler is available here.

Integration scenario with other job scheduling products

  • Instead of a full migration some customers prefer to keep their existing job scheduling product as a master and replace their legacy agents by JobScheduler Agents.
    • JobScheduler provides more flexibility with its architecture for Cluster Operation and the handling of job dependencies.
    • JobScheduler provides a better price / performance ratio and can, for example, replace legacy agents by fully functional workload instances and Agents.
  • JobScheduler can be integrated with a number of products provided that interfaces such as command line invocation or web services are available.
  • See the integration sample in Controlling JobScheduler with a Tivoli Workload Scheduler Master