The YADE profiles can be cascaded or included by other profiles. This feature enable to create generic profile fragments, i.e. server connection settings, background service etc.
The other YADE profiles then can include such fragments. The cascaded profiles enable users to create generic profile fragments. The fragments can be included as target settings or source settings, thus the same host can be configured as source or target without duplicating the settings.

Managing settings in one profile

YADE settings managed in one profile

file_spec                         = .*
operation                         = copy
verbose                           = 9
source_protocol                   = local
source_host                       = localhost
source_dir                        = ${TEMP}/source
source_make_dirs                  = true
target_use_credential_Store       = true
target_CredentialStore_FileName   = C:\Program Files\\jobscheduler.1.6.4043\djsmp02_4445\examples\keepassX-test.kdb
target_CredentialStore_password   = testing
target_CredentialStore_KeyPath    = sos/server/mp.sos
target_dir                        = /home/test/inbound
target_make_dirs                  = true
target_protocol                   = ftp
target_transfer_mode              = ascii

Managing settings in cascaded profiles with fragments

YADE settings managed with cascaded profiles

 use_credential_Store       = true
 CredentialStore_FileName   = .\examples\keepassX-test.kdb
 CredentialStore_password   = testing

 CredentialStore_KeyPath    = sos/server/mp.sos
 protocol                   = ftp

 protocol = local

 file_spec                      = .*
 operation                      = copy
 verbose                        = 9
 source_include                 = localhost_default
 source_dir                     = ${TEMP}/source
 source_make_Dirs               = true
 target_include                 = Keepass_DataBase, keepass_mp_ftp
 target_dir                     = /home/test/inbound
 target_make_dirs               = true
 target_transfer_mode           = ascii

YADE profile from a settings file

The jade_settings.ini file can be called from JITL jobs and from YADE CLI, thus providing a single source for file transfer settings to JobScheduler JITL Jobs and to command line applications.

JobScheduler Job jade_copy_localhost2server_with_cs

The JobScheduler jade_copy_localhost2server_with_cs.job.xml JITL job can be configured with two parameters - profile and settings:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<job  title="Localhost to FTP server copy (API Job for JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange)" order="no" name="jade_copy_localhost2server_with_cs">
    <settings >
        <log_level ><![CDATA[debug9]]></log_level>

    <description >
        <include  file="jobs/jadeJob.xml"/>

    <params >
        <param  name="profile" value="copy_localhost2server_with_cs"/>
        <param  name="settings" value="${SCHEDULER_HOME}/examples/jade_settings.ini"/>

    <script  language="java" java_class="sos.scheduler.jade.JadeJob"/>

    <run_time />

YADE Command Line Interface (CLI)

The jade_settings.ini profiles can be used by the YADE CLI client. See the YADE CLI client example below.

C:\Program Files\\jade\jade_client_1.6.4043\bin>set CS_HOME=C:\Program Files\\jobscheduler.1.6.4043\djsmp02_4445\examples

C:\Program Files\\jade\jade_client_1.6.4043\bin>jade.cmd -settings="%CS_HOME%"/jade_settings.ini -profile=copy_server2localhost_with_cs