YADE JITL Job configuration

The following example shows a YADE JITL Job configuration with Credential Store. We are transferring files matching the regular expression ^UCD.*\.log$ present in the c:\sandbox\source directory to the remote FTP server's /home/test/inbound directory.

The Credential Store offers a central and secure location to store credentials rather then specifying FTP server's credentials, i.e. username, password, server name in JITL job parameters. Instead the JITL job is reading the parameters from the Credential Store.

The parameter target_use_credential_store=true tells the JITL job to look-up credentials in the Credential Store, next parameters target_credentialstore_filename and target_credentialstore_password specify the location and access password for the Credential Store.

The parameter target_credentialstore_keypath points to the location of the Credential Store file.


Credential store YADE JITL Job
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<job  title="Localhost to FTP server copy (API Job for JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange)" order="no">
    <description >
        <include  file="jobs/jadeJob.xml"/>
    <params >        
		<!-- YADE global profile ,background service settings , default log file -->
		<param  name="settings" value="./jade_conf/jade_settings.ini"/>
		<param  name="profile" value="globals"/>
		<param  name="file_spec"                       value="^UCD.*\.log$"/>
        <param  name="operation"                       value="copy"/>
        <param  name="verbose"                         value="9"/>
        <!-- source settings -->
		<param  name="source_protocol"                 value="local"/>
        <param  name="source_host"                     value="localhost"/>		
        <param  name="source_dir"                      value="c:\sandbox\source"/>
		<!-- credential store settings -->
		<param  name="target_use_credential_store"     value="true"/>
        <param  name="target_credentialstore_filename" value=".\jade_conf\keepassX-test.kdb"/>
        <param  name="target_credentialstore_password" value="testing"/>
        <param  name="target_credentialstore_keypath"  value="sos/server/mp.sos"/>
        <!-- target settings -->
		<param  name="target_protocol"                 value="ftp"/>
        <param  name="target_dir"                      value="/home/test/inbound"/>
        <param  name="target_make_dirs"                value="true"/>
        <param  name="target_transfer_mode"            value="ascii"/>
    <script  language="java" java_class="sos.scheduler.jade.JadeJob"/>
    <run_time />