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YADE comes with two main components: the Client, which is responsible for the file transfer itself and the Background Service, which handles the file transfer history.

Any number of Clients can use a single instance of the Background Service History as shown in the following diagram:


The YADE Client and Background Service are both made up of a number of sub-components:

YADE Client

    • Seamless integration with JobScheduler for automated transfer

YADE Background Service

  • YADE Background Service Automation

    • A set of jobs running in the JobScheduler that perform a number of tasks for collecting and importing transfer history data.

  • Transfer History Data Flow

    • There are two ways how file transfer history data are added to the history database.
      • YADE Client: sends transfer history to the YADE Background Service Automation jobs after completion of each transfer session.
        (Not shown in the diagram above)
      • YADE Background Service Automation jobs collect transfer history information that the YADE Client is operated on.
  • YADE Background Service Automation Jobs

    • Import the transfer history from the YADE Clients into a database at regular intervals.

    • Provide notifications in case of errors

  • YADE Background Service History Viewer

    • A GUI for monitoring file transfers

    • Allows to search and browse the file transfer history

  • YADE Background Service Reporting

    • Provides an interface for reporting systems to create custom file transfer reports