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The JobScheduler comes with two powerful Web Service interfaces:

  • The JobScheduler REST Web Service is a replacement for the retired XML Interface
    • This interface is used by external applications for tasks such as adding orders and retrieving job and order status information.
    • This API is considered stable along minor releases for use by external applications.
  • The JOC Cockpit REST Web Service is used by the JOC Cockpit for interaction with a JobScheduler Master:
    • The web service offers access to the job inventory and the job history as well as individual objects such as jobs, job chains and orders.
    • This API might change over minor releases with the requirements of future JOC Cockpit development.



  • The REST Web Service is called by using an HTTP client.
  • The following REST Web Service requests are supported:
  • Requirements
    • All REST Web Service requests should use an HTTP POST operation.
    • Should an idle timeout of 15 minutes between two web service requests be exceeded then the current session is invalidated and a login has to be performed.



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