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The JOC Cockpit comes with a REST Web Service interface for JSON. This interface is used for access to the job inventory and the job history as well as individual objects such as jobs, job chains and orders and provides current status information.


  • The REST Web Service is called by using an HTTP client that sends JSON based requests and that receives JSON based responses.
  • The following REST Web Service requests are supported:
    • URL joc/api/security/login
      • The first operation of a client should be call to this URL in order to authenticate and to retrieve an access token.
      • A valid account and password have to be provided by the client for HTTP authentication. The account and permissions for the command(s) to be executed are configured with the shiro.ini configuration file. See the Authentication and Authorization - Configuration article and the example api_user configuration for further information.
      • Use the joc/api/security/joc_cockpit_permissions URL to retrieve the permissions for the current user.
    • URL  joc/api/* 
      • Subsequent calls to URLs can retrieve the job inventory and current information about jobs and job chains.
      • The JOC Cockpit REST Web Service will return the respective JSON response.
    • URL joc/api/security/logout
      • The last operation of a client should be a call to this URL in order to logout from the web service.
  • Requirements
    • All REST Web Service requests should use an HTTP POST operation.
    • Should an idle timeout of 15 minutes between two web service requests be exceeded then the current session is invalidated and a login has to be performed.




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