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  • Customizations are a powerful means for creating and managing custom filters, which are available for any list view with the JOC Cockpit GUI.
  • By default Customizations are private, however, they can be shared across user accounts.
  • Permissions can be managed to allow specific roles to manage Shared Customizations.
  • Shared Customizations are stored centrally and are provided for any device that is used by a user.

Operations for Customizations

Create Customization

A number of JOC Cockpit views offer the Customization button to create a Customization as shown in the screenshot below:

Customizations are view-dependent. A Customization configured for the JS7 - History is different from one configured for the JS7 - Daily Plan.

This can be seen in the popup windows for the configuration of the History and Daily Plan Customizations as explained below.

History Customization

When creating a Customization from the JS7 - History view, the following popup window will open:

Daily Plan Customization

When creating a Customization from the JS7 - Daily Plan view, the following popup window will open:


  • Customization Name
    • Customization names can be freely chosen.
  • Folders
    • Resulting entries can be limited to specific folders. The input field allows selection a number of folders from the folder hierarchy. 
  • From .. To
    • The time range can be specified with a relative expression that includes the use of the words now and today, optionally in combination with a number of seconds (in combination with now - see the example below), hours (h), days (d), weeks (w), months (M) or years (y).
    • Specification of dates and times

      • The specifications used for relative dates and times differ, so last week runs from Monday to Sunday, whereas the last hour runs from 60 minutes ago to now.
      • Seconds and hours:
        • are relative to now, so -2h is two hours ago.
      • Days, weeks, months and years:
        • The specification of days, weeks, months and years depends on the context if used as a From date or as a To date:
          • From dates start at the beginning of the date, this means that a day starts at 00:00, a week starts on Monday, etc.:
            • ±0w means starting on Monday of the current week,
            • -3w means starting on the Monday three weeks ago.
          • To dates end at the end of a date, this means a day ends at 24:00, a week ends on Sunday, etc.:
            • ±0M means ending on the last day of the current month,

            • +3M means ending on the last day of the month in three months' time.

      • Some points in time can be combined: for example, -1w+2d, -1y+3M but weeks and months cannot be combined.
    • Examples
      • Examples for events in the past:
        • Executed in the last 10 minutes: now-600
        • Executed in the last hour, i.e. in the last 60 minutes: -1h
        • Executed yesterday: -1d to -1d
        • Executed from yesterday 00:00 onward, i.e. yesterday and today: -1d
        • Executed this week: -0w
        • Executed last week: -1w to -1w
        • Executed last month: -1M to -1M
        • Executed since the start of last month, i.e. last month and the current month: -1M
        • Executed in the first quarter of the current year: -0y to -0y+3M
        • Executed in the second quarter of last year: -1y+3M to -1y-6M
      • Examples for events in the future:
        • To be executed today: +0d
      • Examples bridging the present:
        • For the current week: -0w to -0w or +0w to +0w.

Create Customization from Advanced Filter

Instead of creating a Customization by specifying filter criteria users can apply the Advanced Filter that is available from a number of views and store filter criteria as a Customization. For the Daily Plan view, the following page will be displayed when clicking the Advanced Filter button:


  • Customization Name
    • If a name is specified then the Save as Customization button is enabled to store the Customization.
  • Users are free to specify filter criteria for the Advanced Filter as explained in the relevant views.
  • Only relative start and end dates/times can be used when storing filter criteria as a Customization.

Select Customization

Existing Customizations can be selected from the Customizations button in a number of views like this:

From the list of available Customizations select an entry to apply the Customization like this:

Note: The Customization button displays the currently active Customization.

Unselect Customization

Active Customizations can be deactivated - without being removed - as shown here:

Clicking the circled x icon deactivates the active Customization, this operation does not remove the Customization.

Manage Customizations

Existing Customizations can be managed from the Customizations button by using the Edit Customization option:

This operation opens the following popup window:


  • The star icon in front of the Customization name can be clicked to select a favorite customization that will automatically become active whenever the associated view is opened and no other Customizations are active.
  • From the list of available Customizations choose the action menu of an entry to find available operations to manage the Customization.
  • The action menu of the respective Customization in this list allows a number of operations to be carried out as described below.

Edit: Customization

This operation opens a popup window to update the Customization like this:

Copy Customization

When copying a Customization then a popup window like this is opened:

The popup window is populated with filter criteria of the current Customization.

It allows specification a new Customization Name and storage of the copied or updated filter criteria for the new Customization.

Share Customization

A Shared Customization is visible to other users of JOC Cockpit. This allows more complex filters to be shared among a team.

The status of being shared is indicated by a blue status button as shown here:

For Shared Customizations the entry's action menu allows sharing to be revoked with the Make private operation.

Delete Customization

This operation permanently removes the Customization.


Users require permissions to view and to manage Customizations.

For details about default permissions see JS7 - Default Roles and Permissions.

Private Customizations

  • Customizations created by a user are private by default, i.e. they are accessible exclusively for the given user account.
  • Users are granted the permissions required to manage Private Customizations by default, i.e. create, view, edit, delete and share:
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:private:view
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:private:edit_content
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:private:delete
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:private:make_shared allows a Private Customization to be shared.

Shared Customizations

  • The application_manager role is by default exclusively granted permissions to manage Shared Customizations.
  • User accounts assigned the roles that are granted the relevant permissions can manage Shared Customizations:
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:share allows a Shared Customization to be created.
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:share:view 
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:share:edit_content
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:share:delete
    • Permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:customization:share:make_private allows a Shared Customization to be made private.

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