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Ignore Lists are a means of excluding entries from a view. They are available for a number of views, for example, the JS7 - History views.

  • Ignore Lists are managed per user account and per view, they are not shared between accounts.
  • Frequent use cases include excluding repeatedly executed jobs from the JS7 - Task History, for example, to hide job executions that occur every 30s.

Ignore Lists

Add to Ignore List

Users can select entries to be added the Ignore List of a view from the entry's action menu as shown in the diagram:

The above example uses the JS7 - Order History. The operation offered from the Add Workflow to Ignore List action menu point specifies that the underlying Workflow is ignored.

Adding entries to the Ignore List does not immediately hide the entries from the view. Instead the Ignore List has to be enabled to hide indicated entries.

Enable Ignore List

Views that support an Ignore List display a button with this name that allows the Ignore List to be enabled:

Once the Ignore List has been enabled, any entries in the Ignore List will hidden from the view.

Note that in the above example, any occurrences of the ignored Workflow will also be hidden from the Order History sub-view.

When the Ignore List is enabled the Ignore List button caption changes to: 

Disable Ignore List

An active Ignore List can be disabled as shown here:

Disabling an Ignore List does not remove any entries from the list. Instead, the Ignore List remains unchanged but is not applied.

Edit Ignore List

The Edit Ignore List option of the Ignore List button allows further management of an Ignore List:

When editing the Ignore List the following popup window opens:

The popup window displays the entries that have previously been added to the Ignore List. In the example above, a Workflow has been added.

Users have the option of removing specific entries from the Ignore List.

Reset Ignore List

The Reset Ignore List operation allows any entries in an Ignore List to be removed:

When the Ignore List is reset it is disabled automatically.

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