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  • The Fail Instruction is used to fail orders in a workflow.
    • By default an order halts and is assigned the FAILED state. FAILED orders remain with their workflow position and require user intervention to transition from this state.
    • If the Fail Instruction is included
      • in a JS7 - Retry Instruction then the FAILED order triggers the next retry loop provided that the Fail Instruction is not specified being uncatchable.
      • in a JS7 - Try-Catch Instruction then the FAILED order is caught and is handled by the Catch Instruction.
  • Users can resume, suspend and cancel FAILED orders - see JS7 - Order State Transitions.

Workflow Instruction: Fail

Download Workflow Example (.json upload)pdwFail.json


  • The workflow makes use of an If Instruction to check a previous job's return values. See JS7 - If Instruction for details of how to add expressions to If Instructions.
  • If the If Instruction evaluates to true then the Fail Instruction is executed. The order is then assigned the FAILED state.
  • When an order is failed, a message and a return code that specify the reason for failing the order can be added as an option.
  • The operation to fail an order can be specified being Uncatchable indicating that a surrounding Retry Instruction will not be triggered. Instead, the order will be moved to the position after the Retry Instruction and will halt with a FAILED state.


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