• The Retry Instruction adds error handling to one or more job nodes and other instructions in a workflow.
  • If one of the jobs in the Retry block fails, then the order is moved to the begin of the Retry block to repeat execution.
  • The number of tries and the respective delays are configured using the Retry Instruction.
  • If the maximum number of tries is reached and a job in the Retry block fails, then the order is considered to have failed.

Workflow Instruction: Retry


  • If any of the three jobs within the Retry block fails, then the order will wait for the specified delay and then repeat the Retry block from the first job node in the block.
  • This example makes use of a maximum of 10 tries and an individual delay, which is lengthened by one second with each retry.
  • If the number of delays specified is lower than the number of tries then the last delay specified will be used for subsequent retries.

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