SOS Ticket System


To open a new ticket please use the


Login Screen:


After logging in you will see this form:

Create a new Ticket

To create a new ticket click the New Ticket button

The Ticket Fields

TypeThis is the type of the ticket. There are three types:
  • Bug
    • A bug is a defect in the software or documentation, i.e. the behaviour of the program differs from its documentation.
  • Change Request
    • You want the behaviour or the functionality of the software to be changed or enhanced. Please, specify this change request in the ticket. Should the desired change be applicable then we will add it to our Change Management System and you will receive a quote.
  • Service Request
    • You have a question. You need assistence for configuration or set-up of the software.
    • Please note that service requests are not free of charge but based on one of the Support Options for Service Request Support.

Please classify the ticket. The type may be modified later on by the support team if it were not applicable to your support request.


Here you can specify the applicable support option. Normally this is the "Standard Support". You can choose "24/7 Support" if the following three conditions are satisfied:

  1. It is a bug
  2. The priority is "production standstill"
  3. You have a support contract that covers the "24/7 Support" option

If you choose "24/7 Support" and one of the conditions is not satisfied then the support team will change the support option to "Standard Support".


Here you can specify the service or product for which you purchased support, e.g. JobScheduler, YADE. This list is configured on a per customer basis.


If Service Level Agreements are available for a service or product then you should select the SLA that is specified in your support contract.


A short summary of the underlying problem or question.


Here you describe a bug, change request or service request. Please have a look at the following page to learn what information the support team needs to solve a given ticket:


Normally the support team needs log files and configuration files to resolve your problem. You can attach these files directy to the ticket.


There are three priorities:

  • minor. The default for change requests and service requests.
  • major. Normally only assigned to bugs.
  • production standstill. Is the precondition for "24/7 Support" and is restricted to problems in a production environment that would severly affect your business processes.

Ticket is created

After you created a ticket, the support team will be notified and will send you a confirmation by e-mail that the ticket has been added to the ticket system.

Procedure Overview

  • If the support teams needs more information to resolve the problem then you will be contacted by e-mail.
  • These contact e-mails contain a link to the ticket in the ticket system.
  • To answer any questions the support team may have asked in the e-mail you can
    • follow the link to the ticket system or 
    • write an answer using your e-mail client.
  • If you answer by e-mail then please leave the subject unchanged in order to preserve the ticket identification.
  • Please close tickets if you do not expect further answers or do not have further questions.

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